Friday Campus Connections

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College students are forming mental-health clubs - and they are making a difference

With services increasingly stretched at campus health centers, students have been taking action themselves through peer-run mental-health clubs and organizations. The approach appears to be paying off. Read more>>

TDX Higher Ed market study shows universities are trying to improve student engagement through a single campus portal because existing portals are not hitting the mark

CIOs give current / existing portals a 2.77 out of 5 star rating as the conglomeration of links, coupled with a lack of socialness, provide no return on investment.  Read more>>

What the Rise of Interconnected Learning means for Higher Ed

We live in an omnichannel world where knowledge and data are reachable through a variety of on-demand channels. The centuries-old educational structure in which students go to class to learn from a single teacher is extremely inefficient. Rather than serving as a knowledge source, the future university classroom will become a learning hub where people come together and collaborate either in person or remotely.  Read more>>