Friday Campus Connections

Join us every Friday to see how connectedness shows up in "real-world" stories and scenarios.  Here are 3 articles, blogs, or other resources that illustrate the power of connectedness.  Of course, we'll keep blogging away too.  We hope you'll stop back by on Monday, to see our newest post.  And don't forget to follow us on twitter (@Ice_Inst_Org).  Happy Friday!

The future of college education: Students for life, computer advisers and campuses everywhere

For those of you watching Vision 2020 statements carefully, this article illustrates a positive outlook for higher education based on lifelong learning experiences, support, block chain style credentialing, and other factors.  Read more>>>

Online STEM Courses Need More Real-World Interactivity

A research study squarely aimed at connectedness.  This article discusses connection(s) between STEM classes and both active, as well as experiential learning.  Read more>>>

Five Ways to Build Community in Online Classrooms

A solid look at community and what that looks like for students at a distance, from a seasoned practitioner.  Some of the ideas are great reminders, whereas a few are "outside the box" thinking about the issue of connectedness.  Read more>>>