Friday Campus Connections

Join us every Friday to see how connectedness shows up in "real-world" stories and scenarios.  Here are 3 articles, blogs, or other resources that illustrate the power of connectedness.  Of course, we'll keep blogging away too.  We hope you'll stop back by on Monday, to see our newest post.  And don't forget to follow us on twitter (@Ice_Inst_Org).  Happy Friday!

The Collaboration Imperative

A former provost explains the real-world need for more and better collaboration.  While collaboration is an easily-understood aspect of connectedness (one we write about in the IICE blog a lot), her practical approach to higher education dilemmas makes for an inspiring catalyst.  Read more>>>

Peter Smith ’68 on the ‘Digital Learning Revolution’

A long time friend and inspirational mentor of IICE’s Executive Director, Peter Smith has seen it all.  Having served in and around higher education for decades, Dr. Smith knows a thing or two about connectedness.  This Princeton Review article describes a must-read book for every educator’s bookshelf.  Read more>>>

With enrollment sliding, liberal arts colleges struggle to make a case for themselves

Higher education has struggled in recent years to promote value in such a way that is universally accepted.  The connection between cost and ROI is as real for students as it has ever been.  At the heart of that debate lies a similar debate regarding Liberal Arts.  While businesses continue to cry out for student-turned-employees with skills like communication and critical thinking, the practicality of a specific, employment-ready degree muddies the waters.  Read more>>>