Friday Campus Connections

Join us every Friday to see how connectedness shows up in "real-world" stories and scenarios.  Here are 3 articles, blogs, or other resources that illustrate the power of connectedness.  Of course, we'll keep blogging away too.  We hope you'll stop back by on Monday, to see our newest post.  And don't forget to follow us on twitter (@Ice_Inst_Org).  Happy Friday!


A long time physics professor asks (and answers) whether or not a person can learn physics completely online.  While it speaks to all subjects, ironically it speaks in parallel to a huge (largely unmet) need in higher education regarding how to connect people to everything outside of academics.  But the point is made very well.  The existence of knowledge does not mean learning can nor will happen.  Read more>>>

More Students Rely On Mobile Devices to Complete Online Classes

Quality, online experiences, optimized for all modalities is more important today than ever before.  With more and more students working full-time, taking online classes, or simply leveraging the online supplement from their instructor, colleges and universities must keep up with demands or students may find other options.  Read more>>>

3 Lessons on the State of Innovation in Higher Ed

Based on a recent report from the Learning House and OLC, academic administrators describe what is, what is not, and what the problems are when innovation in an education context are not defined.  Note, this article associates innovation with technology, but the findings are solid.  Read more>>>