Friday Campus Connections

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Defining ‘Regular and Substantive’ Interaction in the Online Era

Academic opinion pieces rarely discuss the validity of online classes any longer.  While some still harbor contempt for the medium, most have embraced eLearning as a viable, valuable addition to the learning portfolio of an institution.  But like a school bus governor prohibiting speed, innovating in the space has been a struggle due to regulations associated with what education and formal learning really means.  The Trump administration may open the highway for such innovation, but will it come at a cost?  Read more>>>

 Social media, digital tools needed to engage Gen Z students

An interesting Dive Brief linked to multiple articles showcasing the need and potential upside of social media tools used in Higher Education.  Of note, tools like Handshake, Inscribe, and Ucroo are a “best of both worlds” solution, ensuring social media use (and all of the benefits) while maintaining a “walled garden” approach, so that students, faculty, and staff can keep their non-academic social lives in tact.  Read more>>>

An Underappreciated Key to College Success: Sleep

In that middle ground between brain science, education, and life success, this piece discusses connectedness between sleep and almost every facet of college life.  With more and more research backing up this important concept, the writer even questions why more schools don’t help students understand the value of sleep when so much is at stake.  Read more>>>

Panicked universities in search of students are adding thousands of new majors

Colleges and universities around the country are adding majors and programs to attract students, but without more careful consideration of ROI, most are losing money.  By attempting to connect with “hot” job prospects, but not doing a thorough analysis of competition, job hiring arcs, and more, schools are hurting themselves far more than helping themselves.  Read more>>>

How One Email From You Could Help Students Succeed

A great deal of research has augmented decades of anecdotal evidence showing that teachers who are perceived to care about their students, see increases in persistence, grades, and more.  Read one professor’s “nudge campaign” to tap into the importance of connectedness through a simple email.  Read more>>>