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Holiday Reading List

Here is a potential list of some great reads. Yes, you will find “learning” as a thread that binds them all, but most of these books were not authored with educators as the primary audience.

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Which Are You? Professor, Lecturer, Instructor or Teacher?

I don’t want my students to say that I lecture, instruct, or profess.  Those are all so unidirectional, it makes me lament.  This is one of the major problems with education today – the person at the front of the classroom (and it’s almost always at the front), spewing information upon students with an expectation that they will simply soak it all up and then somehow learn.  They often talk instead of listening.  They seem to inform far more than creating shared meaning (leading to understanding). 

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Professional Development - A Better Approach?

We will get our audience to do, as we show and tell, before reviewing and asking along the way.  We will not only help people understand the nuances of critical (modern) learning research specific to Interleaving, Spaced Repetition, the Cognitive Science of learning, Varied Instruction, Generative learning, and Desirable Difficulties, but we will practice these methods at the same time. 

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