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Holiday Reading List

Here is a potential list of some great reads. Yes, you will find “learning” as a thread that binds them all, but most of these books were not authored with educators as the primary audience.

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Higher (disconnect)ED

Loneliness leads to failure.  Lonely students do not persist.  Being alone makes a person far less likely to get good grades, stay in school, find a good job, and more.  And just as we know that not every measure works for every person, success can be better predicted through non-cognitive measures than academic ones for many students. 

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Lying With Data Is Easy - Telling The Truth Without It Is Hard

Data has just danced around the edges of usefulness for most colleges and universities over time.  We have MOUNDS of data, right?  We have historical data going back decades.  Granted, it’s mostly on paper, in cabinets, locked away in a storage room we only open every seven years, brushing off dust and cobwebs like an Indiana Jones film so as to cherry pick the best data to show accreditors…but it’s there. 

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