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Down Grades

Even how grades are generated, typically at the complete discretion of the professor, is all over the map.  Some weight, some curve, some give extra credit, some inflate, some put outcomes over numeric values, some base evaluation off of a single exam, others weigh participation as heavily as course outcomes, and on and on.  In other words, grades are different to almost everyone.  Yet we all seem to buy into the representative nature of grading, ignoring the elephant in the room.

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What Is A Learning Ecosystem?

A crucial "systems thinking" component of a learning ecosystem is this: Integration trumps functionality.  In other words, if 85% of your desired functionality can be achieved with a fully integrated tool, or 97% of your desired functionality can be achieved with no connection to other parts of the ecosystem, use the former and avoid the latter.  (Of note, this is why the RFI / RFP process can be so detrimental to an organization's longitudinal well-being from a systems perspective.)  

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