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The Fifth Discipline - Revisited

Having taken all manner of personality indicators, I agree with their consistent findings that people who do not perform effectively, in a collaborative fashion, nor with a proper prioritization of goals, are easily waived off in my brain as “morons.”  I struggle to give second chances and I quickly look for workarounds to people and departments that appear obstructivistic regarding forward thinking initiatives, student support, or even student learning, etc. 

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What Is A Learning Ecosystem? (10 Minutes)

A learning ecosystem is an omni-channel, multi-modal system that includes all necessary support, resource, and context options by which people learn.  In a formal context, such as a college or university, the learning ecosystem is typically a mix of people, technology, and other infrastructure, leading to certifications and/or degrees for students.  But all of these stakeholders require balance.  The key to an effective learning system is stasis.  The term ecosystem becomes crucial in this context as it connotes interdependence.  In any ecosystem, stasis is reached when interdependence of a (typically) complex system or network is balanced between organisms and their environment.  

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The Strangest Keynote Situation I've Ever Experienced

When I was with eCollege, we always heard from integration partners which schools were truly ahead of the curve and which ones simply had a good marketing story, but were in fact awful to work with.  Likewise, we would hear which companies were great to work with and which ones were not.  That even translated to a company’s values or ethical practices.  But embarrassingly, I did not include vendor referrals as part of my research.  I solely relied on college / university recommendations.  And at this point in my career, having worked on both sides of the fence as well as sitting on committees like the CWiC Executive Advisory Board, we all know that there are thousands of failed technology initiatives which have little to do with the technology and everything to do with the implementation.  Yet I contacted school after school, both the solid and the weak, asking if they recommended a vendor. 

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