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Those College Students Don't Look Like They're Learning Anything

Here we are in 2018, at some of the most “elite” institutions in the country, with an 11-year-old pointing out an obvious, but unchanging truth.  “Those college students don’t look like they’re learning anything.”

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Friday Campus Connections: Leadership Academy Reflections

Good leaders are not only good innovators, but they also facilitate innovation in others. Effective leaders and innovators look for opportunities and resources to move forward, building better learning experiences, teams, and campus solutions.

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Which Are You? Professor, Lecturer, Instructor or Teacher?

I don’t want my students to say that I lecture, instruct, or profess.  Those are all so unidirectional, it makes me lament.  This is one of the major problems with education today – the person at the front of the classroom (and it’s almost always at the front), spewing information upon students with an expectation that they will simply soak it all up and then somehow learn.  They often talk instead of listening.  They seem to inform far more than creating shared meaning (leading to understanding). 

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