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What Is A Learning Ecosystem?

A crucial "systems thinking" component of a learning ecosystem is this: Integration trumps functionality.  In other words, if 85% of your desired functionality can be achieved with a fully integrated tool, or 97% of your desired functionality can be achieved with no connection to other parts of the ecosystem, use the former and avoid the latter.  (Of note, this is why the RFI / RFP process can be so detrimental to an organization's longitudinal well-being from a systems perspective.)  

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Asking Tough Questions (aka, did I destroy my career?)

For almost 25 years I have seen colleges and universities fail when it comes to any kind of holistic approach to the student experience.  It doesn’t matter if it’s on-ground or online, students feel disconnected.  (Heck, staff and faculty typically feel disconnected…)  When someone needs help, it often feels like there is none.  When someone is poking around on a computer at 3am trying to find support, there often is none.  Why?  Because education is a people business.  There are only so many hours in the day and only so many channels by which to communicate.  Students, faculty, and staff can go hours, days, and sometimes weeks before receiving help. 

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