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What Is A Learning Ecosystem?

A crucial "systems thinking" component of a learning ecosystem is this: Integration trumps functionality.  In other words, if 85% of your desired functionality can be achieved with a fully integrated tool, or 97% of your desired functionality can be achieved with no connection to other parts of the ecosystem, use the former and avoid the latter.  (Of note, this is why the RFI / RFP process can be so detrimental to an organization's longitudinal well-being from a systems perspective.)  

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Unintended Consequences

A course based mostly on lecture has negative consequences.  A campus where student affairs and academic affairs don’t legitimately work together has negative consequences.  Schools that resist online learning have unseen negative consequences for students, just as schools who bound into eLearning without strategic considerations for quality and scale also see negative consequences.  Faculty Development being left solely to the discretion of the faculty can have negative consequences.  Athletics integration on campus can have negative consequences.  Hiding school email addresses from the public can have negative consequences.  Creating a school website for marketing purposes and ignoring current students, faculty, and staff can have negative consequences.  Recruiting volunteer faculty as adjuncts can have negative consequences.  And on and on and on…

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