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A Neuroscience Primer: Lessons From Rwanda

Most educators know little (or nothing) about the brain, which is the single most important organ at use during learning. Here is a primer to start leveraging neuroscience in the classroom.

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Professional Development - A Better Approach?

We will get our audience to do, as we show and tell, before reviewing and asking along the way.  We will not only help people understand the nuances of critical (modern) learning research specific to Interleaving, Spaced Repetition, the Cognitive Science of learning, Varied Instruction, Generative learning, and Desirable Difficulties, but we will practice these methods at the same time. 

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What I Should Have Said...

I couldn’t do what my mind was screaming to do which was to yell through the rant explaining that of COURSE it hadn’t worked!  The way he went about implementing it was ludicrous!  He had coupled poor classroom management skills with a half-baked attempt at a learning model he didn’t even fully understand, so obviously it hadn’t worked! 

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