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Friday Campus Connections

Join us every Friday to see how connectedness shows up in "real-world" stories and scenarios.  Here are 5 articles, blogs, or other resources that illustrate the power of connectedness.  Of course, we'll keep blogging away too.  We hope you'll stop back by on Monday, to see our newest post.  And don't forget to follow us on twitter (@IICEorg).  Happy Friday!

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Impression Management - it's more important than you think...

Profiles are more and more a crucial component of our lives.  It’s not quite as reported today as it was five years ago when we were still figuring out just how profiles worked, but the web is littered with reports of people who lost jobs, scholarships, marriages, or worse, because a profile was not private enough, a person had multiple profiles, or because someone shared a profile of another person without their permission.  Those things still happen, they just aren’t newsworthy anymore.  But just because our information hungry brains also crave novelty doesn’t mean this isn’t an issue.  Especially for younger parts of our society.  It’s called impression management and it’s worth talking about.

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He then showed a US map of social media sites trolling for young inductees which ranged from racist to anarchist.  How were they finding new participants?  Connection.  They were working to connect these teens via social media to fallacious arguments that “felt good” to young, manipulable minds.  They would find connection points with family, friends, religion, justice, and the list goes on.  But the strategy was the same.  Connect.  Because once connected, it was very hard to disconnect.

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