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Friday Campus Connections: Leadership Academy Reflections

Good leaders are not only good innovators, but they also facilitate innovation in others. Effective leaders and innovators look for opportunities and resources to move forward, building better learning experiences, teams, and campus solutions.

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Knowing More About Less

For those of you creating workshops of your own, we found some amazing benefits to practicing what we preach.  This is a major differentiator for the Institute, actually leveraging brain science, learning research, and more as we learn and contextualize.  We utilized the most effective practices from cognitive science, persuasion, and perception strategies in each session.  From Interleaving to pattern finding to intentional creation of norepinephrine / dopamine / endorphin moments, we saw the power behind these learning frameworks.  Participants had the opportunity to review and reflect often.  Attendees also networked like crazy, establishing a community of practice that will follow them home.  In other words, I am confident in saying that we all learned.  I am also confident that learning will stick. 

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Professional Development - A Better Approach?

We will get our audience to do, as we show and tell, before reviewing and asking along the way.  We will not only help people understand the nuances of critical (modern) learning research specific to Interleaving, Spaced Repetition, the Cognitive Science of learning, Varied Instruction, Generative learning, and Desirable Difficulties, but we will practice these methods at the same time. 

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