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The Fifth Discipline - Revisited

Having taken all manner of personality indicators, I agree with their consistent findings that people who do not perform effectively, in a collaborative fashion, nor with a proper prioritization of goals, are easily waived off in my brain as “morons.”  I struggle to give second chances and I quickly look for workarounds to people and departments that appear obstructivistic regarding forward thinking initiatives, student support, or even student learning, etc. 

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Friday Campus Connections

Join us every Friday to see how connectedness shows up in "real-world" stories and scenarios.  Here are 5 articles, blogs, or other resources that illustrate the power of connectedness.  Of course, we'll keep blogging away too.  We hope you'll stop back by on Monday, to see our newest post.  And don't forget to follow us on twitter (@Ice_Inst_Org).  Happy Friday!

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Is ASU Innovative?

The normal dysfunction of higher ed was clarified for me by a professor at ASU.  He was explaining how impossible it was to create a curriculum map.  He said that they have potentially 10 or more versions of any given class, often under different departments entirely.  Those 10 versions of the class are taught 10 completely different ways with no more than a nod to outcomes and objectives.  So, trying to find “the” course of truth to use for a large-scale experience is impossible.  They ended up creating yet another version from scratch.  That description is not only the opposite of innovative, it’s not even inline with the most effective practices for education. 

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