The Institute for Inter-Connected Education offers certificates and other micro-credentials, including badges, which participants, attendees, and fellows may use for various professional needs


These include:

  • Promotion

  • Tenure

  • Professional Development

  • Upskilling

  • Continuing Education

ICE will also work with your institution or organization to create context specific certifications if desired.  For example, the University of Anywhere can offer a Continuing Education Unit credential via the Institute for Inter-Connected Education.  Your organization holds the credential, while we offer the training and assessment, ensuring participants have reached proficiency and/or mastery of a concept.  Alternatively, we can hold and distribute the certification which you recognize, but do not hold.  (Some accreditors need to get involved if a college or university is offering any credential whatsoever.  This allows you to benefit from the credential, without the need to report on it.)

Certification can be achieved via multiple channels, including face to face workshops, private consultations, MOOCs or other virtual training, etc.  Each training will mix and match badges and other certifications, clearly identifying them prior to the experience.  

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