Grant Opportunity

The Institute for Inter-Connected Education is proud to announce our first ever Grant opportunity.  Created to help provide better "connectedness" for an institution, thereby leading to potential gains in new enrollments, persistence rates, academic quality and success, and alumni affinity, this grant opportunity is open to any college or university seeking an improved infrastructure, leading to improvements in community, collaboration, access, and more.


connectedness portal & mobile app grant

WHAT: 1 year's license of a complete Web Portal and Digital Campus Mobile App.

WHO:  College and University professionals (IT managers, academic leaders, student success trailblazers, educational technology evangelists, institutional grant writers, faculty first-adopters, or anyone interested in better connecting your institution.)  This grant is designed to help any institution who has a current portal that is not meeting their needs (legacy technology, lack of community functionality, little to no ROI, not mobile, etc), no portal, or no mobile app.  

WHEN: Grant packet will be made available on this site on November 2, 2018 and applications will be taken starting that same day; 
Implementation timelines offer a possible Summer (2019) pilot, with a required institution roll out by Fall (2019)

WHY: Connectedness relates directly to every aspect of higher education.  Based on rigorous and numerous academic studies, academic success is in desperate need of assistance.  From just in time technology support to mindset experiences to affective platforms, every stakeholder at an institution must play their role.  The results can be transformative, across the entire organization.  

HOW: Grant applications must include an implementation plan, data and analysis (research) regarding usage, efficacy, etc., and any supporting or supplemental approaches to be leveraged.

grant & professional development workshop

WHEN: Pre-Educause (Free) Workshop will explain more - OCTOBER 30, 2018 from noon – 5pm.   (Lunch provided)

WHERE: The Industry Building (3001 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO  80216)  Transportation provided from Educause hotels if needed

WHAT: The workshop will provide certified, professional development for leaders across an organization regarding what connectedness “looks like” in 2018, as well as various ways to achieve it.  Conversation will include how to create a learning ecosystem, how to ensure people and infrastructure are aligned, and more.  Attendance also ensures a complete understanding of the Connectedness Portal and App Grant (CPMAG), opening on the final day of Educause.



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The philanthropic donation for this grant (worth approximately $25,000 in year 1 and another $25,000 in year 2) is being augmented by the following supporters:

Campus by Ucroo has graciously offered support for this grant using the Campus platform.

Mindful Learning has graciously offered support for the workshop (participant fees and lunch) in support of this grant.