It can be hard to find an unbiased, strategic partner with both proven experience AND a communication style that works within your budget.  The ICE Institute works with Faculty and Fellows who have just that – practical, applicable experience. (Read a blog detailing consultations.)

In other words, we’ve been in your shoes! We’ve received 7-10 product conversation requests each day, while the whirlwind of daily activity regarding politics, process, projects, and initiative management make it almost impossible to really strategize meaningfully about the future.

We’ve acquired technology, implemented department and institutional projects, and we’ve felt the pressure of a President or Board who demand new enrollments for programs they are tentative to fund. Overcoming interdepartmental deficiencies, communication gaps, or misaligned targets and goals are a very real part of higher education.  We can help you overcome those challenges in a sustainable, scalable way.

Leveraging tools, techniques, and talking points, we will perform short but thorough discovery, followed by strategic ideation, recommendation, and facilitation of solutions by your people within your cultural context.

This may include KWYK (Know What You Know) questionnaires to create a 360 degree view of the communication and process issues at hand, academic quality rubrics dealing with all aspects of teaching and learning, personality based inventories to match strengths and mitigate weakness, or technological maturation indexes to identify pain points and opportunities alike.  


Examples of consultations performed by the Institute for Inter-Connected Education:  

  • Tier-1, Research institution: Can a school with only disparate, small forays into online learning create a fully online learning initiative, seeing new revenue generation, without the need for an OPM (Online Program Management)?

  • Private “teaching” University: What are the most effective strategies for instructing millennials?

  • Mid sized Bible College: How can our faculty and administrators work together instead of infighting?

  • Large, state University: How do we create a culture of innovation?

  • Three Community Colleges: How do we build an online consortium sharing classes, instructors, and students?

  • Miscellaneous:

  • Choosing education technology tools to get the most bang for your buck

  • Active learning – What is it really and how does it work?

  • Communication across silos

  • Inter-departmental partnerships – from strategy to communication to bridge building

  • Connected education – from gamification to social learning to authentic collaboration (at scale)

  • Connection mapping – Whether academic, administrative, or technological, see how connection maps visualize holes in your strategy as well as create anchor points to connect culture to

  • Generating innovation within the academy

  • And more…