The Connectedness Grant

The Institute for Inter-Connected Education is proud to announce our first ever Grant opportunity.  Created to help provide better "connectedness" for an institution, thereby leading to potential (measurable) gains in new enrollments, persistence rates, academic quality and success, and alumni affinity, this grant opportunity is open to any college or university seeking an improved infrastructure, leading to improvements in community, collaboration, access, and more.


The Grant application Packet

The following grant packet should be downloaded and completed for consideration by the Institute team.


  • The Connectedness Grant application period opens November 2, 2018.

  • The Connectedness Grant application period ends June 30, 2019.

  • The Connectedness Grant will cover 1 year’s free license of a Student Portal / Mobile Application platform (

  • The Connectedness Grant will cover strategic implementation consultation from IICE faculty and follows throughout the pre-start and first year of the license agreement.

What’s In It For Institutions?

What’s In It For Institutions?


important considerations

The purpose of the Connectedness Grant is to help an accredited college or university better connect people with the tools, content, support, and other people at the institution. The Connectedness Grant seeks to help empower and enable the most effective behaviors, processes, and demonstrate the power of people to people connectivity (as it leads to success). As such, the grant application packet seeks to understand how an institution is preparing for the integration between platform and people. Education technology can only be as good as the people using that technology and in the end, if a platform or system does not help people do what they do better (faster, at scale, more efficiently, etc), then it is most likely a waste of time and resources. So, the application seeks to showcase how a college or university will implement toward usage, toward driving efficiency, toward connecting people more meaningfully, etc. We hope you will apply with an eye toward efficacy and success as you describe your process to us. Good luck!


The philanthropic donation for this grant (worth approximately $15-35,000, depending on FTE) is being supported by the following sponsors:

Campus by Ucroo has graciously offered support for this grant using the Campus platform.

Mindful Learning graciously offered support for the pre-grant kickoff workshop (participant fees and lunch) in support of this grant.