institute for inter-connected education (iice)

Transforming Learning Demands New Thinking, Teaching, and Doing


Is your institution CONNECT.ED? We’re here to help!


Our Mission

Education is suffering from a lack of connectedness. Cognitive and “non-cognitive” are treated as separate and mutually exclusive, when we know they are actually synergistic and complimentary. Teaching is often distinct from learning. Administration is a silo, as is academics, student services, and more. IICE seeks to change that.


Regional, Pre-Conference, Post-Conference, On-Site, and other workshops provide practical, hands-on strategies for learning, leadership, development, enrichment, technology usage, and more.



IICE Directors, Faculty, and Fellows have more than 20,000 hours presenting keynotes, plenary sessions, webinars, panel discussions, and much more.


Meet audience members where they are, while showing them better ways lead, teach, communicate, collaborate, innovate, and more.



Showcase practical, applicable methods grounded in neuroscience, learning research, and beyond to spur innovation, learning, and more in audiences.



Informing and persuading are difficult without creating an enjoyable experience. IICE speakers are funny and captivating with just the right amount of challenge.



IICE Faculty and Fellows have guided, assessed, strategized, and innovated along side numerous institutions, K-20. With a network of seasoned experts who work in and around education, IICE has helped institutions with everything from leadership to faculty development to online learning and beyond. Using modern tools and frameworks (such as the KWYK consults, eLearning Scorecards, Neuroscience informed rubrics, etc.), IICE can help nudge your people towards modern, effective practices grounded in science. From Presidents to Provosts to Principals and more, see how connectedness consults can help you with retention, enrollment, affinity, and more.

Interim leadership

IICE faculty and fellows may be available to assist during times of transition. From executive leadership roles to operational support staffing, IICE may be able to help your institution throughout a search process.


Despite technology’s ubiquity, education still sees only small pockets of adoption and likely even less that is efficacious. IICE faculty and fellows are adept at using technology in realistic, applicable, and effective ways.

teaching & learning

Whether it is an audit of current capabilities, the need for better faculty development plans, or ideation for classroom experiences (both online and on-ground), IICE faculty and fellows have years of experience transforming education.


From staff development to executive coaching, leadership is as much about culture as it is about individuals. Let IICE facutly or fellows help identify growth strategies for your people and assist in training and developing them every step of the way.



“Dr. Borden and IICE helped us create a strategic initiative for eLearning at our Institution. He and his colleagues were extremely helpful as they understood our context and needs so well.”

Dr. Sarah Wilmot
Vice President of Academic Affairs
College university