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Local Workshops

Have a specific topic for your faculty, staff, or administrators? Want a customized training, development experience, or workshop for your people?

IICE leaders and trainers have provided enrichment and development for thousands of higher education leaders over time. From academics to leadership to IT and beyond, we can work with you and your teams to create informative, inspiring, practical, and even delightfully applicable presentations. We are happy to come to you, working with your stakeholders for multiple hours or even multiple days!

Cost is best suited for a conversation based on various customized components, but in general know that our half day rates are $3500 and our full day rates are $5000, plus travel and expenses.


Sometimes you just need to get away. Sometimes a recharge is best done in a different and unique context.

We invite you to come to our location in Denver for a workshop or training with your people! Whether your team members are scattered around the country, needing an easy place to fly in and out of (Denver is central and a hub to multiple airlines) or you just want to view problems and solutions from a different place, call us about a Denver workshop or enrichment experience today!

Denver has 300 days of sun per year and is only 70 minutes from world-class skiing!

Denver has 300 days of sun per year and is only 70 minutes from world-class skiing!

Regional Workshops

Starting in Fall 2019, IICE will be promoting regional workshops. The idea is simple. We will try to find a centralized location, close enough that attendees can drive without the need (or cost) for airplanes or hotels. We will provide a 4-hour workshop (plus an hour lunch), ensuring people can drive in and drive out in the same day.

Each workshop will speak to a topic specific to inter-connectedness. Some will be for academics, others for staff or administrators, etc. Watch our Workshop Schedule for updates.

Cost for the workshop will be $150 per person and will include a sandwich / salad lunch. Discounted attendance prices will be made available to host institutions.

host a Regional Workshop!

Want to host one of our regional workshops? So long as there are a handful of institutions within 2-hours drive of your facility, we would love to utilize one of your learning spaces or theater areas for a day. Host institutions can send their personnel to the workshop for $75 per person. Contact IICE today for hosting opportunities.