All Institute (@ICE_Inst_Org) engagements promote academic, institutional, and technological connectedness, in every sense of the word.  As well, events include ideas from multiple contexts within education (University Provosts and Community College Deans working together), but always try to include external stakeholders who know about people, process, programming, and more, but are not beholden to institutional constraints.

We believe this strategy (called “associative thinking”) will help generate powerful discussions, but also promote meaningful ideas which can be used at participant’s schools and organizations.  And as always, all ICE events seek to be as pragmatic and operational as they are strategic and visionary.

Summer Leadership Academy
July 23-25, 2019
Denver, Colorado

Generations Think & Act Differently: Mind the Gap

The Institute for Inter-Connected Education is proud to announce our Summer Leadership Academy 2019. Through this 3 day workshop, we will look to promote ideation as well as pragmatic application regarding

  • uses of technology, process, and human interaction to bolster success efforts within a college or university context

  • how generational paradigm knowledge can help us better serve students

  • how to use generational knowledge to impact enrollments

  • how to promote student success efforts by leveraging generational attitudes, wants, and needs

  • and potentially how to even drive alumni affinity across the generations

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