The Institute for Inter-Connected Education will happily create a customized experience just for your institution’s needs, but the following “modules” (topic areas) represent Institute Faculty & Fellows expertise.  Note that experiences are also available via your preferred medium (face-to-face, online synchronous, or online asynchronous) as well.


Workshop photo

Every workshop or seminar will include meaningful templates, inventories, or other assets for practitioners to use immediately.  Some assets will be for personal use whereas others may be helpful in promoting ideas, communicating messages, or simply managing projects with other institutional stakeholders.  As well, all experiences include access to a Community of Practice.  Attendees will have access long after an event to connect, network, brainstorm, or just talk through operational / strategic ideas with peers.

As professional educators ourselves, we are keen to ensure that all Institute experiences are genuinely interactive.  Using a wealth of active learning strategies, ICE practitioners will meaningfully connect participants to one another, to learning, and to practical application.  

As well, participants can expect to come away with resources, access to websites, and other materials that will help them use their new-found knowledge more meaningfully.  This also includes access to Institute Faculty and Fellows for support and the practical application of lifelong learning.

Academic workshops

Master Teacher Training

  • Better outcomes / better curriculum maps

  • Master communicators in the classroom

  • Neuroscience in practice

  • Social learning

  • Ed tech in the real world

  • Personalization, adaptivity, and other buzzwords (aka learning research and how to use it)

  • Gamification – what it is, what it means, and how to make it your own

  • Authentic assessment

Administration workshops

Strategic Administrator TraininG

  • Clifton StrengthsFinder

  • Breaking down the silos

  • Creating a culture of learning innovation

  • Communication plans

  • Persuasion for Provosts, Presidents, and Boards

  • Change management planning

  • Executive sponsorship

  • Project management / workflow management

  • Financial management for higher ed administrators

  • Communicating via narrative: telling your story

Institutional technology workshops

Transformative it leader training

  • Clifton StrengthsFinder

  • Working with administrative partners (vs customers vs enemies)

  • Building a hyper-connected (eco) system

  • Change management planning

  • Communication plans

  • Creating a culture of learning innovation