Hear Dr. Jeff D. Borden, Executive Director of IICE, inspire audiences with his energetic day-three keynote at Kurogo Higher Ed Mobile Conference.

Why do keynotes, plenary sessions, and professional development speakers have to be so boring? That’s the question we’ve asked ourselves for years as we have attended (literally) hundreds of hours of presentations.  

The answer is pretty straight-forward though. Most speakers do not use what research tells us to be effective. So what does it take to provide a good speaking experience to educators?

It takes credibility and solid information. Many education speakers have some communication prowess, but their content can be seriously lacking. IICE speakers know crucial concepts like statistical significance, academic research, learning analytics, andragogy, and much, much more. In other words, we have practiced what we preach and we have the evidence to back up why.

It takes audience analysis.  Dozens of keynote speakers first question is, “How much does this gig pay?”  While remuneration is important, the first question should ensure that the speaker can provide value to the audience. In our case, we have delivered sessions to educators, preachers, teachers, administrators, politicians, technologists, innovators, and lawmakers, ensuring a uniquely crafted message for each constituent group.

This may sound ridiculous, but it takes good communication skills.  How many presenters read their notes or their PowerPoint to the audience?  How insulting!  The audience can read after all… Good presenters need to apply consistent eye contact, need to vary their paralinguistic properties to increase audience arousal, need to leverage gestures and movement to keep ocular desensitization from setting in, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Finally, the message needs to contain specific elements.  It needs to have a bit of controversy.  After all, most audiences don’t want to be told what they already know to be true.  But the message is also best delivered by a practitioner.  There needs to be a stream of information aligned with a stream of persuasion, which should not be a product pitch but an idea pitch.  And don’t forget humor, passion, visually interesting imagery or videos, and more.

So, if you need a presenter for your event, contact us.  We will ensure that our speakers fit your needs and if they do, you will get a world-class presentation that will leave your audience wanting more.  

Our keynote addresses are often followed by days of continued conversation throughout a conference and our presenters are asked back year after year to events.   Our convocations and colloquium speaking see sparks for research. Our faculty development day presentations keep people buzzing throughout the event.

Our rates are reasonable and our outcomes are exceptional. We’re also happy to show you feedback from past speaking events. We really do use the most effective practices to create a better showcase of ideas for you.